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MotorSkins is a bio-inspired, fluid-driven exosuit that enhances the autonomy of people with walking dificulties.

Pinecones are able to open and close with changes in humidity, a passive mechanism which nature encoded in their structure. In a similar way, we’ve used digital fabrication techniques to encode the behavior of our fluid circuit in its morphology.

How Does it work

Its bio-inspired, passively actuated system harvests the potential energy in a person’s gait, using each step to power the next one.

Wear a comfortable textile technology.
Power your legs by harvesting the energy of your steps.
Walk freely feeling condent and secure.
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The Business Mind

Business Management B.A. | M.A. Open Design



The design vision

Industrial Designer | M.A. Open Design



The know-How

Chemical Engineer | Dr. rer. nat. Physical Chemistry